Diorite project

New minecraft server software!

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About diorite.

Diorite is new minecaft server software, it isn't ready yet but our main goals are:

  • Be scalable:

    Diorite use tick-regions, where all entities can be handled by separate thread, one region can hold multiple maps, or single 32x32 chunk section. If your map is small and empty, only one thread will be used, but if this thread will start having troubles to handle all actions, diorite will detect that and add split current region into 2 new regions, also it will connect them again if they are using less that 50% of tick time.
    With diorite you can even control TPS, you may set that zombies are updated 5 times per second, without slowing them down!

  • Be plugin friendly:

    All types of plugin should be easy to make, like instead of listening to drop events, you can just change drops for given block or mob.

  • Be open:

    We don't use any part of mojang code, so even if there isn't something in our API it is easy to find needed feature in core code or add it to API.

  • Be extensible:

    In diorite you can use special core-mods that are loaded even before diorite, allowing you to change much more stuff, most of diorite code is based on pipelines (pipeline work like queue of named runnable elements), so you can add/replace/remove elements that are used on diorite start, like replace element that init the worlds with own one.

Diorite minecraft test server: diorite.org

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Other goals

Other goals that we want to achieve:

  • Be independent but compatible:

    We want always be able to support vanilla minecraft, but we also want create own client.
    Server admins will be able to choose: support both players, where players using diorite client may be able to see/use additional stuff, or allow only diorite clients to create much more advanced server and better gameplay

  • Support existing platforms:

    We want support Forge mods (on both client and server side), and spigot plugins, that may not be build-in feature, but additional module of diorite, installed as plugin/core-mod.

Diorite minecraft test server: diorite.org

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Help Us

We are looking for people that will help us with project, we need everyone, for graphic, code, webpage, everything.
You can contact with author of this project by e-mail: gotofinaldev@gmail.com

Donate Us

Hosting all that stuff also cost a bit of money, so we will be very happy if you donate something to us!

Diorite minecraft test server: diorite.org

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